Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fabric Shoes For Baby

These are some fabric shoes i made few times ago. I used 2 fabrics with different motif for each shoes

Baby Shoes

Fabric Baby Shoes

Sepatu Bayi
Sepatu Bayi Handmade

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crochet Hat For Fruma

This is 2nd time i made crochet hat. First time i made crochet hat with red colour for my nephew Fachry (4 years). Unfortunately he didnt like it then threw it on to the cupboard, hehe... I dont know where it is right now, maybe still on that cupboard or kept by his mom.

I didnt give up, then made another crochet hat, this time green colour. Not for Fachry ofcourse, because now i know he doesnt like to wear any kind of hats (and maybe crochet hat i gave before was too ugly). I gave 2nd one to Fruma my niece who live in other town, i sent it by post. My sister said Fruma likes it..... alhamdulillah.

green crochet hat

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ramadhan Giveaway Winner ......

Masih pada puasa kan ? Moga puasanya lancar ya teman2.
Dan... sekarang saatnya diumumin nih sapa yang beruntung di Ramadhan Giveaway dari Nimble Fingers Zone n Xara Jasmine Shop

Yang beruntung dapetin 1 buah pashmina n 2 buah bross adalah ......

-Vanisa Desfriani -


Selamat ya !!! I'll contact you as soon as possible .
Terima kasih untuk teman-teman semua yang udah ikut meramaikan Ramadhan Giveaway kali ini . Yang belum beruntung jangan sedih ya, inshAllah akan ada kesempatan lagi untuk ikut giveaway berikutnya. Sapa tau yang berikutnya salah satu dari kalian yang beruntung. See you on the next giveaway ya ... !!! ^^

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