Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crochet Hat For Fruma

This is 2nd time i made crochet hat. First time i made crochet hat with red colour for my nephew Fachry (4 years). Unfortunately he didnt like it then threw it on to the cupboard, hehe... I dont know where it is right now, maybe still on that cupboard or kept by his mom.

I didnt give up, then made another crochet hat, this time green colour. Not for Fachry ofcourse, because now i know he doesnt like to wear any kind of hats (and maybe crochet hat i gave before was too ugly). I gave 2nd one to Fruma my niece who live in other town, i sent it by post. My sister said Fruma likes it..... alhamdulillah.

green crochet hat


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