Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making Owl Cushion

This Owl cushion project is handmade

Tools we need :
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Felt
* Other fabric material
* dacron for filling

Cutting :
* Cut Out all pattern pieces
* Owl body , cut 2

* Eyes base, wing cut 2, out eyes cut 2, inner eyes cut 2, beak cut 1

* Sew one by one each part on one surface of owl body front side

* Turn front side, place the back owl body under front body then sew

* Dont sew all around owl body, but leave about 4-5"in the bottom
* Fill with dacron, use a pen to help filling each corner
* After full, sticht the bottom , finish.
* Now we have cute owl cushion ^_^

Tutorial Making Owl Cushion


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