Saturday, January 14, 2012

Orange Pillow Case With Flower

Last week I made simple pillow case with decoration flowers
I have a lot of soft poliester material with solid colours, red, black, yellow, soft pink, hot pink and blue. For this project i chose orange colour, it looks fresh.
For decorating the pillow case i use felt material.

How To Make Felt Flower Brooch

Tools we need :
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Felt
* pin
* a button

Make some flower patterns with different size, big to small. Put on felt then cut it with scissors one by one

Make decorative stiches with a needle and thread at the edge of every piece flower pattern

Put pattern from big to small, then put them together by sewing the middle part
Add a button in the center of brooch, and dont forget to add a pin in the back part of brooch (sorry i forgot to take the pic :( )

OK, now we have new simple felt brooch ^_^

How To Make Felt Flower Brooch -- Nimble Fingers Zone

how to make felt flower brooch tutorial

How To Make Pin Cushion

How To Make Pin Cushion

Tools we need :
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* fabric material
* Felt
* dacron for filling

Cutting :
* Cut fabric one big circle, as big as a plate
* Cut felt, little circle

Cut a circle from your chosen fabric. The diametre large/small up to u. Me myself using a plate to help making the the circle template.

Fold edge of circle about 1/4 inch to the inside part of fabric, then sew it with a gathering stitch
(simple stitch which goes in and out of fabric)

Pull the thread

Fill it with dacron or natural cotton

Pull thread and tie off end of thread.

Now, to make the petal
Use the longest needle and long embroidery thread
Tie Knot end of thread, Stick the needle start from the bottom (center) of pin cushion through to the top (center) side
Pull it tight and then loop it around the cushion over to the bottom side come up through the center in the same place like before. One petal done.

Continue doing the same thing until u get 8 petals or more as u like.
After get all petals, knot the thread

For looking more neat, attach the bottom with circle felt, we can use hot glue or hand sew

tutorial how to make pin cushion

Basic Pin Cushion s done ^^

Let see some pin cushions i made with this basic method :

pin cushion -- nimblefingerszone
pin cushion -  nimblefingerszone
pin cushion - nimblefingerszone

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fabric Brooches

My lovely fabric brooches ^_^

Making Owl Cushion

This Owl cushion project is handmade

Tools we need :
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Felt
* Other fabric material
* dacron for filling

Cutting :
* Cut Out all pattern pieces
* Owl body , cut 2

* Eyes base, wing cut 2, out eyes cut 2, inner eyes cut 2, beak cut 1

* Sew one by one each part on one surface of owl body front side

* Turn front side, place the back owl body under front body then sew

* Dont sew all around owl body, but leave about 4-5"in the bottom
* Fill with dacron, use a pen to help filling each corner
* After full, sticht the bottom , finish.
* Now we have cute owl cushion ^_^

Tutorial Making Owl Cushion

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